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Honeywood Farm (Clover Cottage) – Grootvadersbosch

Honeywood Farm is nestled within the farmland valleys on the edge of the Grootvadersbosh Nature Reserve. The picturesque views from around the farm are some of the best the Overberg has to offer, with sprawling farmlands and forest filled mountainous landscapes right next to each other. Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve can be reached just a few hundred meters from the farm, and is known to birders as the furthest west that many of the forest species from the Garden Route can be found. Because of this it is a common location for birders looking to add such species as Knysna Warbler, Terrestrial Brownbul, Narina Trogon and even the potential for one of the local Crowned Eagles.

I have visited Honeywood Farm a couple times now over the years. The first visit included a long weekend stay at the Clover Cottage and the second time was with an extended weekend camping trip. The decision to give Honeywood Farm a try was spurred on by numerous recommendations from other birders who had visited the area before. At just R280 ppn, the cottage which was advertised as a rustic retreat was extremely affordable. In fact, all 10 of Honeywood’s accommodation options fall under R300 ppn.

Upon arrival to the farm, we had to collect the key from the farm owner who has the main house located about 200 meters from the Clover Cottage. For those who would prefer a bit more solitude, there are other options on the farm, though we didn’t feel as though we were intruded upon at all and still had a relative sense of privacy.

Clover Cottage on the Honeywood Farm

Arriving at the cottage for the first time, we were taken in by the modest, rustic charm. The front door opens up into a lounge area, with the kitchen to the right and the bedroom to the left. Through the kitchen, an exit to a patio with braai place. The braai area came equipped with wood, ready to use and was quite nice and sheltered. It is easy for one to start a fire, sit on the patio and enjoy something cold to drink while scanning the sky for passing raptors, of which there are generally quite a few.

Despite our visit being tainted by a cold front, we slept comfortably and never felt overly cold in the cottage, though in winter time one may require some form of heating. The cottage has full access to electricity and water, with a fridge and other appliances available for use. It is completely self catering, so it is worth bringing some groceries with when you arrive. If you are hoping to be able to access forms of entertainment nearby, you’re mostly out of luck as the area lies far from any major towns — however, if birding is going to be your only focus you will be set.

The farm itself allows for some scenic walks along the river, where one can often get excellent views of Brown-Hooded Kingfishers and Greater Honeyguide.

With the close proximity to the Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve, it becomes an ideal location for birders looking to spend some time in the area trying to find the specials and also serves as a tranquil escape for those looking to enjoy some fabulous landscapes and some quiet environments our in nature, at an extremely affordable price. I would highly recommend Honeywood Farm for those looking to visit the area.

Location: Overberg, Western Cape
Recommended?: Yes

Price: 10/10
Comfort: 7/10
Location: 8/10
Birding: 8/10

Website: Honeywood Farm

Bryn De Kocks

Bryn is a passionate and opinionated antinatalist and naturalist with a love for nature, the ocean, photography, severe weather and music. He spends most of his time looking for new birds within the Western Cape, taking landscape photographs or behind his computer being a nerd.

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