This website originally began as my photographic portfolio site, before turning into a birding blog. But I soon realized that there were periods where I wasn’t able to bird much, or where my focus was on something else. So I changed the nature of the site to be an outlet where I am able to share my photographs and my thoughts, while not focusing on any specific genre. I am often taking photos of shows, birds and landscapes, and I needed a place where I could share my adventures.


Birding Southern Africa

While I blog about birding on this site, I wanted to create a site where I was able to easily address topics of birding that didn’t feel like they would fit in my blog. Along with wanting to create features for local birders that weren’t available or provided by other sites. Birding Southern Africa is thus a source of local birding news and resources.

Website: Birding Southern Africa

Storm Chasing South Africa

Storm Chasing South Africa was set up by me in 2009 as an attempt to establish a severe weather community within South Africa. For most of my life I have been fascinated by both severe weather and natural disasters in general, by following my passion for severe weather I became more interested in general weather events too and got into weather photography. The idea of taking pictures of clouds may seem a bit boring to some but when you can appreciate the sciences behind a strong cumulonimbus cloud, it’s easy to establish a respect and enjoyment.

Over the past couple of years the site has continued to grow and has been mentioned by several large media sources when referring to severe weather events. I continue running the site and adding content when there are interesting events happening, but the forum is definitely the highlight of the site with thousands of messages posted, making it by far the largest gathering of South African severe weather enthusiasts in a forum environment.

So if you are a weather enthusiast, which is unlikely, but none the less – make sure to check it out. People associated with surfing, sailing, aviation, fishing and other outdoor activities can also benefit greatly by staying in touch with the latest weather events via the forums.


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